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From Oil Paintings to Lens Portraits: The Journey of Lanay, a Visual Storyteller

Two decades ago, my journey into photography began as a search for reference material for my oil paintings. What I didn't know then was that this 'side project' would evolve into my life's passion and profession. As I captured compositions and played with lighting for my paintings, I fell in love with the immediacy and raw emotion that a single snapshot could convey.

The Early Years: Corporate Portraits with a Twist
My professional foray into photography took a turn when I landed an internship with a distinguished company entrusted with photographing the leadership team of American Express. It wasn't your run-of-the-mill headshots; these were candid moments captured amidst the buzz of the 2002 Olympics. The experience taught me that even in corporate settings, there's room for warmth, personality, and genuine expression.

Director to Educator: Shaping the Next Generation of Photographers
As I honed my craft, opportunities led me to a directorial role at a portrait company. It wasn't just about taking photos; it was also about shaping the next wave of talented photographers. I found myself managing and training photographers across three studios. This period refined my mastery over studio lighting, a skill that has become one of my trademarks.

A Family Affair: From Professional Studio to Home Studio
When I took the step back from the corporate world to focus on family, it felt natural to continue my photography journey through capturing family portraits. Today, my favorite part of the job remains the same: fostering an atmosphere where people feel comfortable just being themselves. I revel in the challenge of working with even the most camera-shy individuals, capturing shots they'll treasure for a lifetime.

So here I am, 18 years into a career that started as a humble extension of my art projects, still as passionate as ever about capturing the perfect moment. Whether you're looking for a corporate shoot or a casual family portrait, you're not just getting a photographer—you're getting a visual storyteller committed to illuminating the essence of who you are.

Let's create something beautiful together.

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